Donations and Bequests

surrey-hillsThe charity’s only significant source of income is from the charges paid by the residents.  As an almshouse, these charges must be set at affordable levels below market rates.  Consequently, other forms of income are always welcome as maintaining such a historic building is very costly.

We are currently fundraising to restore the Grade II listed wall situated at the front of the cottages.  We are also looking to restore the former ironwork and gate to the cottages which was removed during WWII as part of the war effort.

If you would like to help us in our fundraising efforts and continue the great work started by Caleb Lovejoy in 1676, perhaps as a one-off donation or as a bequest in your will, please contact the Manager.


All donations would be gratefully received and put to very good use.

Registered charity no: 1171378